Uganda is recognized as the most entrepreneurial country in the world with almost 1 in every 8 adults running a business at some point in their lives. But sadly, most of these have a high mortality rate; nearly 50% collapse before they reach their first birthday. With the shocking levels of youth unemployment – finding a job has become a dream, a reality for a select few.

This is what we have set out to find – a solution to these challenges. The Barefoot Law Team presents you with the best of the many possible solutions we had at hand, promoting entrepreneurship and supporting the micro and small businesses in order to boost employment by promoting those who provide the most jobs to us- the everyday businessman and woman.

The mSME Garage is the solution that we are presenting you with, to be your silent partner in business, support you with legal guidance, taxation and accounting support in order to not only allow your business to survive but to thrive. If you want to start a business, we have got the guidance and support you need, the information which will help you decide how to create your business, how to run it and how to grow it.


We once asked many of you who were with us last year to vote for us in the Innovating Justice Challenge- well, your support has made the mSME Garage a reality, since it was by your efforts and much needed support that we were able to successfully create this service.

What can the mSME Garage do for you?

We provide you with legal information for your business. Everyday! This information is important for you whether you are a sole proprietor, an entrepreneur starting out, or an SME that is already operating. We guide you on legal processes, quick information which we hope can help you plan and structure your business, and dedicated updates to the business world that affect your business on the legal front.

We also provide you with template documents which you can use to understand legal documents as well as utilize to develop your own documents.

We also provide you with an interface to get in touch with us! Contact a lawyer directly through our website platform.

It is easy, just register on our website and Start a Chat session; when our lawyers are online, you will have a live chat session, or if we are offline, our lawyers will get back to you. There also other exciting ways to utilize the mSME Garage to benefit you and other entrepreneurs. If you would like to meet with a lawyer face to face, use our contact details to set up an appointment. You can also request for a group session for you and a group of entrepreneurs, just contact us and make your request for support. This is ideal for entrepreneur groups or innovators facing similar legal challenges.

All these services and resources, we provide them FREE! So, get in touch, make use of the mSME Garage.

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