How It Works

What is the mSME Garage?

The uniqueness of the mSME Garage lies in its multi pronged approach in delivering legal information. This is through support and guidance for mSMEs using new and traditional media, together with a multi level follow up system. This support is available to SMEs irrespective of their levels of growth; from formation of the business, daily running and management, documentation, enforcing company rights, taxation among others.

How It Works

The mSME Garage is able to serve its users through three different platforms. The Virtual Space which includes online platforms including mSME Garage on social media, mSME Garage website, direct phone calls and SMS’ to mSME Garage team at BarefootLaw.

The participants of the mSME Garage are also able to get in touch with the lawyers on through the physical interaction by scheduling an appointment.

The mSME garage comprises outreach programmes that can be organised by groups of businesses or entrepreneurs.

The mSME garage will enable your business to navigate the complexities of running a business from its conception right through its growth.

The Website Can Be Utillised As Follows

  1. Utilise the various free information provided on our website home page, under our Specific Areas of Interest. under this area, you will find different legal areas with useful explanations, insights and quick guides.
  2. Get up to date specifics from our daily posts. These posts are available on our home page, as well as easily accessible on our social media platforms. Search through past post and gain insights on topics we have covered already.
  3. Get knowledge on Legal Documents, through our template documents section, where you can learn about specific legal documents and how to correctly structure them. these templates are available for download.
  4. Get in Touch! Send a message directly to us and our lawyers will respond to your specific question. This facility is best utilised by businesses or entrepreneurs who have a specific business area or concern that they need information or guidance on.
    To utilise this resource, you’ll need to Sign Up to the mSME Garage through the Join Us button. Signing up allows us to know your business better, so that we can tailor more relevant and accurate responses for your legal questions.
  5. Share our resources on social media and help other entrepreneurs to learn about The mSME Garage