It is one thing to know the advantages of registering a company, but how does one do this? A question we have got far so often so we decided to come up with this detailed guide on how it is done in Uganda. Here is a brief guide on the steps. a) Effect a search. b) Reserve the name. c) Draft the articles of Association. d) Draft the Memorandum of

WELCOME TO THE mSME GARAGE Uganda is recognized as the most entrepreneurial country in the world with almost 1 in every 8 adults running a business at some point in their lives. But sadly, most of these have a high mortality rate; nearly 50% collapse before they reach their first birthday. With the shocking levels of youth unemployment – finding a job has become a dream, a reality for a

It is now common knowledge that Uganda is one of the most entrepreneurial countries in the world with up to 28% of the population having started at least one business by the ages of 18 and a large contribution of over 75% to the country’s Gross Domestic Product. Despite all this, nearly 50%of these businesses are likely to collapse within their very first year of existence and up to 96%