You have probably read or heard about the idea of a “cashless economy” and wondered why the need for one or how exactly It can be done. Well, change is a constant and just as with all other parts of the economy the banking sector has experienced changes attributed to the rapid advancements in technology. The conceptualization of a cashless economy has been mostly manifested by crypto-currency. WHAT IS CRYPTO

Tina boarded a taxi to Mukono, when they had just passed Seeta, the conductor turned to the passengers and asked if any of them had change for 50,000/-, Tina innocently offered to give away her changed money in exchange for the 50,000/- note. After alighting at Sombe supermarket, she went in, to do some shopping but to her surprise once at the counter, the cashier refused to accept the 50,000/-

MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT IMPORTING PROHIBITED GOODS!!! URA recently released information that it had impounded hundreds of cartons of cosmetics valued at well over 100 million shillings. Many of the products in the consignment were reported to be prohibited and selling them in Uganda is illegal. The companies which had purchased those goods therefore lost out on a lot of money. WHY WERE THE PRODUCTS PROHIBITED? The goods in