Once upon a time (time, time), in a village far far away called Bamboo, there lived a Mr Kalondo, a very rich man. Everyone admired him and wished they were him because for him, he never lacked. He owned most of the big buildings, fancy cars and most of the land in Bamboo. All the pretty ladies got excited whenever his name was mentioned *wink wink *. With all the

According a report from a 2016 survey on executive performance in East Africa, Uganda reportedly has the laziest people in East Africa with the lowest productivity in terms of value-added per worker. Let us assume this is true, what could be the problem? WHAT DOES LAZY MEAN? Sometimes one may regard another as lazy when in fact that “lazy” person just needs to understand what is expected of him or

When one thinks of pension saving in Uganda there mind will not be far from thinking about the National Social Security Fund (NSSF). NSSF for long has been focused to pension savings of people in the public sector under formal employment focus is changing however to also include pension savings made by the private and informal sector as individuals in this sector are free to voluntarily make contributions to NSSF.

E-commerce, commonly known as online business has not only propelled global trade but as well as local trade. Many people in Uganda are now involved in online business but succeeding in this business needs you to have constant update of perfect market information.   We therefore give you an insight of economic changes that will guide your investment decisions today.   Commercial Banks Rates   Interest rate: lending rates is

TURNING FRIENDSHIPS INTO BUSINESS Kato and Juma met and at university and they grew fond of each other. Because of the strong friendship they had, they agreed to enter into business together after graduating and in effect enter into a partnership. After graduating, Kato and Juma started discussing going into business together and sharing ideas. They had capital with them but could not agree on what to do together because