Did you know you can challenge your money lenders interest rate? The key parts of a money lending contract normally are the Loaned amount, interest charged, payment period and collateral. Money lenders are generally aware that the interest rates they charge are both illegal and socially unpopular which are rates above the ceiling or the required rate as under the money lending Act. In practice in Uganda written loan agreements

GOOD NEWS FOR UGANDAN RETAILERS The President recently made a statement referring the phenomenon of foreigners operating retail trade businesses in Uganda as an “importation of importers” and saying it has worsened poverty levels. Kampala City Traders Association has been pursuing this matter for some time requesting for the government to enforce limitations on the nature of business foreigners can engage in, in order to secure some sort of space

Taxation is a compulsory charge which the government requires people in a country to pay it for a number of reasons which include financing the operations of the government, building infrastructure, promoting equal distribution of wealth, among others. Of course, whether or not you agree with taxes, you are required to pay them. Taxes can be levied by the central government and the local governments. In Uganda, the main law