It has been a rather hot and heated debate on whether the vendors should ‘GO’ or ‘STAY PUT’. As far as the debate- it is still ongoing in some circles, however the decision was made to have all unauthorized vendors removed from the city’s streets. When the operations to remove vendors started, the mode in which the street vendors were being removed raised calls of distress through the public the

WHAT IT MEANS FOR THE CRANE BANK FILE TO DISAPPEAR FROM URSB The Crane Bank Saga recently got deeper when it was reported that indeed the Crane Bank File in the Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) went missing. URSB PUBLIC NOTICE The notice published by the Bureau on 02nd November acknowledged that the Bank’s file was declared missing on 10th October 10, 2016 and that the matter was reported to

On the 20th of October 2016 , Bank of Uganda suspended the Board of Directors of Crane Bank Uganda limited and took over management of the bank. On the same day Bank of Uganda appointed a statutory manager of the bank. But what exactly does the statutory manager do; Section 90 (4) of the Financial Institutions Act 2004 provides among the many roles of a statutory Manager the role to;

Written by Pennie Igaga. The issue of taxi operators’ fees (levies) between taxi operators and KCCA keeps getting more heated. Broken down, reports indicate that each taxi in Kampala pays a road monthly user fee of Shs. 120,000. With that considered, each taxi is also expected to pay money to every local government it drives through. This means that depending on the area the taxi operates in, the taxi operator

Did you know you can challenge your money lenders interest rate? The key parts of a money lending contract normally are the Loaned amount, interest charged, payment period and collateral. Money lenders are generally aware that the interest rates they charge are both illegal and socially unpopular which are rates above the ceiling or the required rate as under the money lending Act. In practice in Uganda written loan agreements