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mSME garage is a brain child of Barefoot Law, a Non-Profit, Social enterprise dedicated towards using Information Technology towards improving access to justice and the Law. The objective of the Barefoot Law initiative is to provide Free Legal consultations and services, develop information technology and social media solutions to help in breaking current bottlenecks currently…

Specific Areas of Interest

Whether you want to start a business, or alreay have your business up and running; there is some legal information that you need to in order to make decisions that will benefit you and your business not only in the short run but long term as well.

Starting a Business in Uganda

In Uganda, before one proceeds to start a business or trade, it’s important to know the nature of business, and what

Foreigner Business in Uganda

Any person in Uganda who is not a citizen of Uganda is considered to be a foreigner. The Constitution of Uganda, defines

Intellectual Property Rights

Property is anything that can be owned by a person. Originally property only applied to things which had a form or

Buying and Selling

A sale of goods contract is your usual type of contract that you get into with people every day. When you buy a soda,

Company Law

A Company can simply be defined as a business which is incorporated under the Companies Act of Uganda Act No. 1 of


As an entrepreneur, one of the most confusing areas concerns taxes. This because failure to pay taxes usually attracts a

FOREX RATES:  U.S DOLLAR  Buying 3749.42  Selling 3759.42 ,  GBP Buying 4815.86 Selling: 4828.7,   EURO Buying: 4343.14  Selling: 4354.72,  K.SH Buying: 37.24 Selling: 37.34, T. SH Buying: 1.64  Selling: 1.65     Central Bank Rate cut to record low to 9%  Comercial Bank Lending Rate Drops to: 17.68%   Other News:   Mobile Money Tax to be charged at 0.5% on withdrawal only    54% of Goods on Ugandan market are substandard-UNBS      UNBS Blocks 16 Million substandard products    UNBS confiscate harmful cosmetics    SMEs decry high certification costs    Local demand cuts Uganda’s Export     Investors to register in two hours-URSB

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We bring you the latest articles with legal information and advice curated just for you and your business.

6 Things to do before you start a business

“Illuminati” is not the only reason people are successful. It is common when a person starts their business and are doing well for people to say-

What being bankrupt means in law

Once upon a time (time, time), in a village far far away called Bamboo, there lived a Mr Kalondo, a very rich man. Everyone admired him and wished

Are Ugandans the laziest employees in the world?

According a report from a 2016 survey on executive performance in East Africa, Uganda reportedly has the laziest people in East Africa with the

Pension saving for the informal sector

When one thinks of pension saving in Uganda there mind will not be far from thinking about the National Social Security Fund (NSSF). NSSF for long